As a Quick Meal

Beetroot, Carrot
and Turnip

Sweet and crunchy beetroot, carrot and turnip help to keep natural beauty of hair, control blood pressure and lose weight.

Beetroot, Potato
and Celery

These vegetables are real treasures for those who want to eat well. Traditional tastes of beetroot and potato combine with rich celery flavor, which has become a legend due to its health-giving powers.

Beetroot, Potato
and Radish

Beetroot, potato and radish are the traditional set of vegetables. It is possible to share them with your guests at home and friends on the street.

Carrot, Potato
and Beetroot

Golden potato, violet beetroot and sunny carrot make a fairy mix of unforgettable tastes and useful substances.

Carrot and Beetroot

Carrot and beetroot mix is a perfect combination of natural sweetness and benefits of the vitamins. It will be the crowning achievement at your party and on your instagram.

Carrot, Beetroot
and Radish

Mix of carrot, beetroot and radish has a distinguishable character. Real foodies will definitely love it!